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The Burning Strength Show - Episode 100

Fr. Chris enters the cultural discussion about "Masculinity"

St. Blaise - February 3rd

Reflections on this great early Church Martyr + Blessing of Throats

The Burning Strength Show - Episode 99

Christmas Gospels Unpacked, Christopher Robin, Christmas Dilemma

Archive Spotlight: Ghosts and Purgatory

What does the Church teach about the topic of ghosts and

Archive Spotlight: Adult Education

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

TBBS105 - St. Charles Carnival, Shazam!, Religious Life

In this episode:
   - How an event, gathering people together, can inspire an entire year of ministry
   - A non-spoiler review of the movie "Shazam!"
   - A priest's perspective going to a Perpetual Profession of Vows (Final Vows) for the first time.

TBBS104 An Update, Avengers End Game, Pride Month?

In this episode:
- Fr. Chris gives you an update as to why the 2 month TBBS hiatus
- A spoiler-free review of Avengers: End Game
- How does the Church view Pride Month?

TBBS103 - A Holy Lent, Captain Marvel, New Tech

In this episode:
- Inspiration for a Holy Lent
- A Spoiler Free review of the movie "Captain Marvel"
- A new tech device that has been extremely helpful

TBBS102 – Chair Of Peter, A Star Is Born, Infantcide

In this episode:
- A significant, but strange Feast Day in the Church.
- A spoiler-free movie review of "A Star is Born"
- Infanticide in USA? Some politicians allowed their votes to show us their position.

TBBS101 - The Whole Story, Aquaman, Right To Life

In this episode:
- With the new era of news reporting, a recent story helps to call to our attention the importance of getting the WHOLE story.
- A spoiler-free review of the Aquaman movie
- With all of the talk about human dignity as of late in culture circles - some states are making big strides to protect the youngest among us, while others are abandoning the most vulnerable.