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The Burning Strength Show - Episode 45

Special #CYMC Episode - Live from Scottsdale Arizona feat. Chris and Summer

The Example of Mother Theresa

Homily Pentecost Sunday (A)

The Burning Strength Show - Episode 44

Becoming Jesus and Apple Week

TV Review: Iron Fist

A spoiler-free review of Netflix's original series

TBBS050 - Special Edition feat. Chris, Lydia, and Audrey

In this special edition episode:
   - Fr. Chris invites 3 guests to discuss questions about spirituality in the life of a youth minister (Chris G.) and two incoming high school seniors (Audrey & Lydia).

Soil of the Heart - 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

This weekend's readings are very agriculturally themed, but we don't have to be green thumbs to understand the parable Jesus presents - the parable of the seed and four soils. What does this parable have to do with us today? I learned a lot more about it when I tried to plant a flower garden at my mother's house years ago.

TBBS049 – Scapegoating, Spiderman Homecoming, New Bishop

In this episode-

   - Fr. Chris reflects on the philosophical topic of scapegoating.
   - A spoiler-free reflection on Spiderman: homecoming
   - Fr. Chris offers a few thoughts on Cleveland's new Bishop 

Refuge - 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

What do you do when life's storms come at you? Where do you go? Who do you turn to? Jesus establishes Himself as a refuge from the storms of life.

TBBS048 – Maria Goretti, Beauty and the Beast, July 4

In this episode:

- The story of a young girl who became a role-model for millions
- A spoiler-free review of Beauty and the Beast (2017)
- Fr. Chris speaks about his Independence Day traditions