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The Burning Strength Show - Episode 83

Update, Don't Starve Together, Vatican On Sports

The Burning Strength Show - Episode 82

TBBS082 –Screen Time, Avengers Infinity Wars, Uber Food Delivery by Drone

Image of Heaven

Homily for 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Like the Trinity

Homily for Trinity Sunday

Archive Spotlight: Adult Education

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

TBBS088 – Humanae Vitae 50, Nintendo Switch, Marriage & Nostalgia

In this episode:
    - Looking back at Humanae Vitae 50 years after it was written (hint: it was very prophetic!)
   - Fr. Chris talks about his experience with the Nintendo Switch
   - Can nostalgia in a marriage be a bad thing?

TBBS087 – The Avignon Papacy, Pacific Rim 2, Poland’s Vocation Quest

In this episode:
   - A brief history of when the papacy was temporarily not in Rome.
   - A spoiler-free review of Pacific Rim 2: Uprising
   - A unique (very visual) way one Polish diocese is promoting vocations.

TBBS086 – Supreme Justice Nominee, Green Lantern Hero’s Quest, Maria Goretti

In this episode:
- Listeners and Fr. Chris listen to the nomination speech of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Fr. Chris offers a few insights.
- Fr. Chris shares his first experience with audio graphic novels
- A reflection on Saint Maria Goretti and her lasting impact today.

TBBS085 – Social Media Initiatives, Coco, Blue Apron

In this episode:
- Fr. Chris talks about parish social media  ventures.
- A spoiler-free review of Pixar's "Coco" (Now on Netflix)
- An experience of cooking with Blue Apron

06.24.18 – Nativity of John the Baptist – Beyond the Surface

Beyond the Surface

Nativity of John the Baptist