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The Burning Strength Show - Episode 55

Sloth, The Defenders, Diligence

The Burning Strength Show - Episode 54

Gluttony, Baywatch 2017, Temperance

Archive Spotlight: Adult Education

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

TBBS058 - Wrath, The Orville, Patience

In this episode:

    - Fr. Chris continues his series on the 7 Deadly Sins by focusing on Wrath this week
   - A spoiler-free review of Fox's new series entitled "The Orville"
   - A reflection on the heavenly virtue of Patience... and it isn't what you might be thinking it is.

TBBS057 - Pride, Bishop Installation, Humility

In this episode:
  • An examination of the deadly sin of pride
  • Fr. Chris talks about his experience at the installation of Bishop Nelson Perez as the 11th Bishop of Cleveland
  • A reflection on the heavenly virtue of humility

You can watch the recording of the installation at:

Foundation in Distress - 22nd Sunday of OT

What do we do when things seem lost? What can we do? When we pray do we only use flowery words? Or do we reveal the depths of our heart? Today's 1st reading answers God's desire for us.

TBBS056 - Envy, TURN, Kindness

In this episode:

    - An examination at the sin of envy (7 deadly sins)
   -  A spoiler-free review of the AMC series on Netflix called "Turn"
   - A look at the virtue of kindness from the scope of the cleanup around hurricane harvey. 

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Titles and Make Believe - 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time

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