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The Burning Strength Show - Episode 45

Special #CYMC Episode - Live from Scottsdale Arizona feat. Chris and Summer

The Example of Mother Theresa

Homily Pentecost Sunday (A)

The Burning Strength Show - Episode 44

Becoming Jesus and Apple Week

TV Review: Iron Fist

A spoiler-free review of Netflix's original series

TBBS045 - special ep. Life Teen CYMC feat. Chris G. and Summer K.

   - Fr, Chris invites two special guests, Chris Gillis and Summer Kish, to reflect on their experiences at Life Teen's "CYMC". The three of them talk about ways to implement some of the ideas at a parish level. They also share their favorite parts of the convention.

TBBS044 - Becoming Jesus & Apple Week

In this episode:

    - Fr. Chris' personal reflection on "becoming Jesus" and what that meant for him as a seminarian.
   - In a TBBS first, Fr. Chris invites a guest to talk about Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference.

The Example of Mother Teresa - Pentecost Sunday

How can one person change the world? Look at the lives of the saints. St. Teresa of Calcutta had a saying "Do good, and it will never be enough. Do good anyway." Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle each day, but consistency is the way of sanctity

TBBS043 - Pentecost, Forged in Fire, Video Game Streaming?

In this episode:

- A historical look at Pentecost
- A review of the History Channel series called "Forged in Fire"
- A look at a move that Microsoft's new video game streaming service

TBBS042 - Silence, Kong: Skull Island, Memorial Day

In this episode:

   - A reflection on the value of silence
   - A spoiler-free review of Kong: Skull Island
   - Remembering and honoring Memorial Day

The Commission - Ascension Sunday (A)

How one Pope changed the shape of history by inspiring others through the words in today's readings.

TBBS041 - Priesthood Ordination, Season Finales and Hiatuses, End of the Circus?

In this episode:

   - A reflection on the recent priesthood ordination here in Cleveland
   - The season of season finales and hiatuses
   - The end of the circus? It is, sadly, for one popular act.

Never Grow Weary - 6th Sunday of Easter (A)

“Never grow weary of doing what is right.” Quite often we are the greatest obstacles to doing what is right. What was different about the Apostles?

TBBS040 – Praying for Sports Teams, Injustice 2, Texting and Driving

In this episode:
   - Does God listen when we pray for our sports teams?
   - A spoiler-free review of a new video game. Injustice 2
   - A new demographic being called out for texting and driving.

Offerings - 5th Sunday of Easter

Mothers tend to be one of the greatest examples of accepting even the simplest or strangest of gifts with a smile... especially if these gifts are from their children. This quality of mothers certainly helps us understand our relationship with God even better.