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The Burning Strength Show - Episode 100

Fr. Chris enters the cultural discussion about "Masculinity"

St. Blaise - February 3rd

Reflections on this great early Church Martyr + Blessing of Throats

The Burning Strength Show - Episode 99

Christmas Gospels Unpacked, Christopher Robin, Christmas Dilemma

Archive Spotlight: Ghosts and Purgatory

What does the Church teach about the topic of ghosts and

Archive Spotlight: Adult Education

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

TBBS104 An Update, Avengers End Game, Pride Month?

In this episode:
- Fr. Chris gives you an update as to why the 2 month TBBS hiatus
- A spoiler-free review of Avengers: End Game
- How does the Church view Pride Month?

TBBS103 - A Holy Lent, Captain Marvel, New Tech

In this episode:
- Inspiration for a Holy Lent
- A Spoiler Free review of the movie "Captain Marvel"
- A new tech device that has been extremely helpful

TBBS102 – Chair Of Peter, A Star Is Born, Infantcide

In this episode:
- A significant, but strange Feast Day in the Church.
- A spoiler-free movie review of "A Star is Born"
- Infanticide in USA? Some politicians allowed their votes to show us their position.

TBBS101 - The Whole Story, Aquaman, Right To Life

In this episode:
- With the new era of news reporting, a recent story helps to call to our attention the importance of getting the WHOLE story.
- A spoiler-free review of the Aquaman movie
- With all of the talk about human dignity as of late in culture circles - some states are making big strides to protect the youngest among us, while others are abandoning the most vulnerable.

TBBS100 - Masculinity

The topic of "masculinity" has been at the forefront of cultural debate over the past few weeks. Fr. Chris weighs in on this debate for this 100th episode of The Burning Strength Show podcast.