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September 27th - St Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul

Feast Day: September 27th
Patronage: Charities, Hospitals, Volunteers
Life: 1581-1660 (France)

St. Vincent lived an extraordinary life, like most Saints, but mostly he is known for the effects we see today. St. Vincent is well known throughout the world through the work of the lay-organization the "Saint Vincent de Paul Society" who locally help those who are hard on their luck, homeless, impoverished, or in-between jobs. The organization itself is found in many Catholic parishes and in a few protestant churches across the world. Their continued efforts are a testimony to a man who lived for the poorest of the poor. The most vulnerable were the focus of his life's mission. And because of this focus, St. Vincent was able to do so many great things like build hospitals, schools, and places for the training of priests. Not only did he found the religious order, the Vincentians (Lazarists), but he also founded the Sisters of Charity. You may recognize the Sisters because of their work throughout the world, but especially through the life of Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.