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Microsoft invites interaction with holograms via "Hololens"

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, an audible sigh could probably be heard around the world. People sarcastically thought, "great, another operating system I have to purchase." But I have to admit that one of the more intriguing features that was rumored to be part of the new Windows 10 was the "hologram support" feature. After seeing the above video, this feature looks like it is more than just a rumor, but more of a reality.
Microsoft "Hololens", is Microsoft's attempt to bridge the physical with the digital. The user puts on a headset that has see-through lenses that make the digital world come alive around the user. The headset features virtual surround sound as well as a dedicated Holographic Processing Unit. 
Microsoft is sure creating lots of buzz with this teaser video. The video is currently trending on Twitter and Facebook, but users who click on any of the media links will be disappointed if they are looking for a possible release date. I would assume that the device will be available sometime after the release of Windows 10.

I must admit that I'm very intrigued with this particular device. I can see many great possibilities coming alive with the help of Hololens. The geek inside of me is of course very excited, but with any sort of technology, I also try to weigh the possible pitfalls. In a world that is already controlled by so much technology, I wonder if a device like this will only work to alienate even more from each other. I cant help but to think of something like "Wall-E", where the only interaction that people have is with the virtual device on their chair. As with any tool, it all depends on the user.