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Pope Francis to Canonize Junipero Serra

Bl. Junipero Serra
Nov. 1713 - Aug. 1784

Pope Francis announced on one of his recent flights that he plans to come to America this coming September (barring health). As part of his visit, he will canonize one of the most instrumental figures in American Catholicism, Bl. Junipero Serra.

In the early years of the colonization of the "New World," Junipero Serra was one of the brave missionaries that trekked through the unexplored Midwest and Western parts of the American continent. He would stop to evangelize about Jesus Christ to the various natives and immigrants to the American continent. He would eventually end up in California where he would found 21 missions. It was said that he baptized over 6,000 people throughout his work as a missionary. His desire was to have people fall in love with the faith that he loved so very much.

Bl. Junipero has been the patron of many parishes and organizations throughout the United States throughout the years. He is most associated with the vocation promotion and prayer group named after him called the "Serra Club."

Pope Francis hopes that his visit inspires many of the faithful to follow in the footsteps of such an inspirational figure within the Church's history.

For more information: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-francis-to-canonize-evangelizer-of-the-wild-west-93498/