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May 21st - St Christopher Magallanes

Within the 1920s in Mexico was the height of the Mexican Cristero war started by the government of Mexico. On one side were the anti-Catholic government and rich bureaucracy of the country, and on the other side was the middle-class and poor of the country. This group wanted to do their best to protect their right to worship and right for the sacraments. They did not want to bow down to the unjust government and their greed. They realized the money was not king and therefore they coined the term “Viva, Cristo Rey” or “Long Live Christ the King”. 

There were a number of people that fled Mexico and a number of folks that went into hiding for fear of losing their life. There was a number of priests that were known as heroes of the people as they continued to minister to them as well as administered the sacraments. One of these priests was Cristobal Magallanes. Along with 21 other priests and possibly more, they continued to minister to the Mexican people despite the risk to their lives. Eventually Cristobal and the 21 were caught over the span of the war. It was until his dying breath that Padre Cristobal preached forgiveness and Cristo Rey. 

St Cristobal Magallanes and his 21 companion priests were canonized by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000.