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July 19th - Lost in the Noise of Many Voices

Think of a time when you’ve heard many voices all at the same time.
Maybe it was the last time you went to a crowded stadium or ballpark?
Perhaps you went to a concert full of people?
Maybe you last heard it on a trip to New York City.
Or maybe even those voices came from the crowd at amusement parks like Cedar Point or Disney World.
In those moments when you hear so many voices, it almost just becomes noise -
To make out a singular voice, you really need to concentrate and focus on a single person
Otherwise that person’s voice blends in with the rest of the crowd

My friends, on this 16th Sunday of Ordinary time, the message in our readings is pretty clear: we need not only the Good Shepherd, but we need shepherds to lead us to the Good Shepherd.
In the first reading from the prophet Jeremiah, he is lamenting the many voices of false shepherds leading the Lord’s flock astray.
The Lord promises to send a righteous shepherd to unite the flock – he’ll be from the line of David
And who is this that Jeremiah is speaking about?
The Good Shepherd – Christ Jesus
In the Gospel from the 6th Chapter of Mark’s Gospel, the disciples return after being sent out by Jesus to go into the towns and preach in His name
What’s the result of this?
People were closing in on Jesus from all over to see this man whom the disciples had preached about.
Jesus invites the disciples to take their rest on a boat ride across the way
And when they get there, we get the crowds who had followed on foot
“They were like sheep without a shepherd”

During the time of Jesus, there would have been many voices throughout the towns we hear about in the Gospels
Some people wanted to sell things from their stands
Others were announcing news from the streets
Some voices were those of religious leaders
Others were from civic roman leaders
There were even revolutionaries who claimed to be the messiah so that they could lead a rebellion to overthrow the romans
There were so many voices that blended together to create one giant blob of noise
That is, unless the listeners would focus on a single voice
Jesus sends His disciples to bring a message of truth and hope to these people
I’m sure not many actually listened to the disciples as the disciples’ voices might have blended in with the rest of the voices around the towns
But the Gospel tells us that some actually listened
They sought the truth
They sought hope
And they wanted to explore more about this man named Jesus
So they go to meet him
We find out this week that not only does He teach them, but He feeds them

My friends, whose voice do we listen to?
When we seem to be exposed to so many voices each and every day –
Whose voice do you focus on?
If we don’t take the time to reflect, and focus on the voice of Christ, we can become lost in the endless noise of the world’s voices

But Christ doesn’t just call us to be attentive to His voice.
It isn’t just about me and Jesus.
He calls us to do what He called the disciples to do 2000 years ago
Go into the towns and speak about Him
There are so many people still seeking hope and truth in the midst of the world’s voices
You are called to be a bearer of hope and a herald of truth
To take his message to school, work, sports, activities, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, New York City, and even to Cedar Point.
To proclaim His message on Social Media
And to share His message by the way you live your life