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Advent IV - The New Ark

4th Sunday of Advent

The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most sought after lost relics of scripture. It was believed by the Israelites that the Ark of the Covenant held the presence of God. When we get to the New Testament, we discover that God establishes a New Ark of the Covenant. This New Ark is not an ornate gold box like the old ark; rather, this New Ark of the Covenant is a simple Israelite girl named Mary. Within her womb she carried the true presence of God. Like King David who danced before the golden ornate Ark of the Covenant, the New Ark was received with joy by not only Elizabeth, but by the infant in her womb who "leaped for joy" in the presence of the New Ark.

The beauty of this New Ark of the Covenant is that we do not need to go through a labyrinth of dangerous obstacles to experience her like Indiana Jones did in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"; rather, she has been given to each of us from the beginning. The greatest gifts that we have sometimes are the gifts that we already have.