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The March for Life endures

March for Life (Photo: Twitter/Students for Life)

The snow didn't stop the hundreds of thousands of people from marching in this year's March for Life on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Various media outlets tried to make it appear as though there were only "hundreds" of people; however, by the look of even just this picture, we can clearly see that there are thousands.

The bravery of the thousands was certainly something to note on social media as many found themselves stuck on highways battling the blizzard as they headed home after the March for Life. Hundreds even stopped to have Mass on a snow altar. 


Most who became stuck on the highway would go on to say that it was worth it because they gave voice to the voiceless. One group from Ohio even said that their entire commute took them about 45 hours due to the terrible road conditions and closure of the Pennsylvania turnpike.