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February 14th - Preparing for Heaven

1st Sunday of Lent

On this first Sunday of Lent, we find Jesus entering into his own time of preparation
He knows that it is now the time that he has to begin his public ministry
But he isn’t quite ready yet
So he goes into the desert to get away from the world
To get away from distractions and temptations
Only… he does encounter a big distraction
And he is tempted
Somewhat midway through his time in the desert, Jesus encounters Satan
Satan believes that he can get Jesus to fall into temptation because he is vulnerable
He’s hungry and tired
So the first temptation here is a temptation of the flesh
Food was something that his body was telling him he wanted
Yet the food that Jesus sought in the desert was not physical in origin
He wanted to gain spiritual strength
He had been training his will
When Jesus declines this, Satan tempts Jesus with power
Promising to give him all that he sees from the high mountain
But Jesus knows that wealth and popularity are not going to make him happy
He went into the desert to get away from all of that after all
So finally Satan tempts Jesus with Pride
Basically tells him that he should be the one in control of his own life
It is a temptation to self-glorification and ego
But Jesus came to be one of us
He realizes that he already emptied himself to become a lowly human being

Not one born to royalty, but born simply