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4th Sunday of Lent - Pride to Humility

4th Sunday of Lent

It is often said that Pride is the root of all sin
Because in the moment we choose sin, we are saying by our actions that we know better than God and others
We can do things on our own –
We don’t need anyone
And we especially don’t need God
Some could even argue that in a moment of sin, we become atheists –
Because we flat out deny God
This is what the younger son does to his father in the Prodigal Son story
He needs to realize that the farther he is from the Father, the more he loses his sense of identity – he loses who he is.

Pride not only ruins our relationship with God, but ruins our relationship with others
As we barrel over the people in our lives, often the ones who love us the most
But we always need to remember
That when we enter into the dirtiness of life
And we’ve hit rock bottom
The Father in heaven is always there to pick us up
Because he is always willing to give us mercy
But we have to be willing to ask for it