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Easter 2016 - The Eternal Remedy

Easter Sunday 2016

Each one of us has memories that help shape our thoughts and who we are
We have memories of family growing up
Memories of school
Perhaps memories of weddings
Memories of trips and vacations
For me, going a number of years back, one of those mind shaping memories has been looking at one of the most beautiful of sunrises
I had spent the night at the house of a cousin of mine
We had just pulled an all nighter
When I look down at my watch and realize I should probably just drive home at this moment
I was a bit exhausted, but the urge to get in my car and hop on the roadways was strong
As I bid my farewell to my cousin, I did just that, hopped in my car and began the 30 minute commute back to my family’s house
When I got to the end of my cousin’s country street, just as I was about to get on the highway, a sliver of light peaked over the horizon
I pulled off to the side of the road, and for the next 15 minutes, I allowed myself to be encapsulated by this beauty that God had created.
It almost seemed impossible that something this beautiful could exist.
And the only thing on my mind, my brothers and sisters, was just how much more encapsulating must the resurrection have been to the earliest disciples
This cross that was for hundreds of years the ultimate sign of torture and death
Became a lasting sign of victory
But not just victory over anything
Victory over something that had been undefeated for billions of years à death