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Viral Acts of Good - 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

If viral videos existed during the time of Jesus, I have no doubt that today’s Gospel would be one of them. An unnamed woman visits the house of Simon the Pharisee in order to see Jesus. She doesn’t care what people say or what people think. She just wants to do something kind for this man she’s heard so many great things about. She washes his feet and anoints them with oil. She doesn’t expect anything in return, she just does it – love truly compels her. What Jesus says and does is truly profound. As the crowds are talking about this woman amongst themselves and thinking terrible things within their hearts, she is the only one acting out of love. Jesus uses this great deed as an example to all. The great desire of his heart has always been to love His people and to have His people allow him to love them. He desires relationship. The others have closed themselves off, but she has opened herself up, despite all she has done. “Your sins are forgiven”, He tells her
“Go in peace.”

Homily for 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)