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How does your prayer look? - 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

How do you pray? Do you pray? Do you try to better your relationship with God? The Temple area was a holy place for the Israelites. It was not only a place of pilgrimage, but it was a testament to their faith. The hulking temple stood at the city center… everything else was built around it.
People from all over the world would come here to marvel at its size and beauty. Jesus, too, was a visitor here from time to time. And He used this great monument of faith as the place of His parable for this week. Two people went to the Temple to pray: one a Pharisee and one a Tax Collector The Pharisee marveled at himself in God’s house. “I do this…and that… and I’m glad I’m not like the rest of creation” And off to the distance was the tax collector, “Have mercy on me, a sinner”