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Fr. Chris does Ice Bucket Challenge

So, alas, I finally gave into the Ice Bucket Challenge. I did so for a variety of reasons. I obviously wanted to help support research for this debilitating illness, but I wanted to raise awareness for an organization that uses ethical medical research. My donations will not be going to the ALS Association because a large amount of their research is in using embryonic stem-cells, which dismembers and destroys human lives at their very earliest stages. The John Paul II Medical Research Institute (JPIIMRI) offers an alternative to the ALS Association by only using adult stem-cells to fuel their research to find cures for various illnesses and diseases, including ALS.
Their webpage can be found at www.jpiimri.org.
Secondly, JPIIMRI uses a majority of funding for research whereas the ALS Association states on their website that they use 28%.

I'll admit that I had a bit of fun making this video. Thank you to the many people who nominated me for the Challenge. Thank you to Sean Duda for helping out with this and doing the Challenge together.