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Podcast: The Supernatural 001 - Time, Eternity, Dimensionality

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

In this episode Fr Chris introduces the reason why he decided to do a mini adult education series on the highly debated topic of "the supernatural". The topic has not only sparked debates among many theologians and philosophers over the centuries, but it has been something that even popular culture has commented upon through entertainment media. 

Fr Chris will reconcile physics' usage of string theory and multiple dimensions to explore why human beings cannot always see the supernatural world. The use of string theory also helps us to explore just how the supernatural realm interacts with our own timeline and space. This episode sets up the foundation for the ensuing episodes of this series.

Throughout this series, Fr. Chris hopes to give a surface-level presentation on various supernatural topics by utilizing the Catholic Church's teaching tradition. While there may not be Church definitive doctrine on a number of these topics, it has not stopped many Catholic theologians and philosophers from trying to make sense of it all.

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