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August 2nd - Feast for Life

Homily for the 18th Week of Ordinary Time 

Imagine being invited to a giant feast that seems to have been thrown in your honor. It has all the people you love and the food that you enjoy the most. But the kicker is that the utensils are arranged in a way that the only way you and others can eat is by relying on the people next to you to feed you.

As we make our way through John 6, the people in our Gospel this weekend think that they long for Jesus to perform more miracles of multiplying food. Jesus points out to them that the longings of their heart are for the eternal food that only He can give. This food is Jesus Himself - "the bread of life" 

Jesus invites us to not only receive Him, but to become Him for others. This is how we are to share communion. It is not simply about "me and Jesus," but about how we see Jesus in others and serve them.