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Podcast: The Supernatural 002a - Supernatural Beings from Purgatory

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

In this episode Fr Chris spends a little time recapping the last episode of the series and then picks up from where he left off by speaking about Purgatory.

Just about everyone has a ghost story. We're entertained by them. We're fascinated by them. And now Fr. Chris will speak about them.

After reconciling the theory of multiple dimensions, Fr. Chris explains in this episode how souls in purgatory find themselves there. This is, of course, one of the most objectionable of the Church's teachings. These souls in Purgatory must be made clean and realigned in order to be in front of the majesty of God. With sin on the soul, the souls are just not quite ready yet. So after the "purging" (cleaning and aligning) of the soul, the souls only have 1 destination: heaven. But can souls in purgatory make themselves known in the earthly dimension?

Throughout this series, Fr. Chris hopes to give a surface-level presentation on various supernatural topics by utilizing the Catholic Church's teaching tradition. While there may not be Church definitive doctrine on a number of these topics, it has not stopped many Catholic theologians and philosophers from trying to make sense of it all.

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