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Podcast: The Supernatural 002b - Supernatural Beings from Hell

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

In this episode Fr Chris spends a little time recapping the last episode of the series and then picks up from where he left off by speaking about Hell.

Just about everyone has seen or watched a movie about evil spirits, demons, hell, hauntings, the occult, or witchcraft. We're entertained by them. We're fascinated by them. And now Fr. Chris will speak about them.

After reconciling the theory of multiple dimensions in a previous episode, Fr. Chris explains in this episode how evil beings find themselves in this world. The presence of evil has its root in just about every culture that has ever existed, and each culture tried many different ways to rid itself from evil. Jesus also spent a considerable amount of His ministry exorcising demons from possessed persons. He handed on this ministry to His disciples so as to emphasize its importance. Doing this shows us the power of even saying the name of Jesus. 

Throughout this series, Fr. Chris hopes to give a surface-level presentation on various supernatural topics by utilizing the Catholic Church's teaching tradition. While there may not be Church definitive doctrine on a number of these topics, it has not stopped many Catholic theologians and philosophers from trying to make sense of it all.

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