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Podcast: The Supernatural 002c - Supernatural Beings from Heaven and the Spiritual Compass

The Supernatural and The Church's Teaching Tradition

In this episode Fr Chris spends a little time recapping the last episode of the series and then picks up from where he left off by speaking about Heaven and the Spiritual Compass.

Because Fr. Chris spoke about beings from Hell and how they interact with our world (Last Week), in this week's episode he assures us that all is not lost. We have heavenly beings that God has created that look out for us all the time. We have Saints, our spiritual brothers and sisters, who have gone before us who help intercede for us if we ask them. We also have beings much more wise and powerful than us always looking out for us called Angels. 

After reconciling the theory of multiple dimensions in the first episode, Fr. Chris explains in this episode how heavenly beings interact with our world. If there are evil beings looking for the ruin of souls, there must indeed be good beings doing the complete opposite. Jesus spent much of His public ministry trying to help His disciples avoid evil and turn towards heaven. He handed on this mission of teaching about heaven to His disciples and it remains of great importance to the Church this day.

Throughout this series, Fr. Chris hopes to give a surface-level presentation on various supernatural topics by utilizing the Catholic Church's teaching tradition. While there may not be Church definitive doctrine on a number of these topics, it has not stopped many Catholic theologians and philosophers from trying to make sense of it all.

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