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Advent I - The Peace of Home

The Peace of Home
1st Sunday of Advent (C)

What does it mean to have a home? It is often thought of as a place of refuge. After the anxieties and activities of a day, home is often the place we turn to for a sense of security and relaxation. In other words, home can almost be seen as a place of peace.

In our first reading this Sunday, we hear from the Prophet Jeremiah. He speaks about a promise the Lord has made to Israel to raise up a bringer of peace and security from the line of David. To the ear of Judah, this was a welcome promise. For millennia, the Israelites had experienced their fair share of turmoil. But who could bring such peace that had been promised? Who else could do this but God Himself? This is what Advent is all about.

Jesus Christ, the God of the universe, came to be part of our timeline 2000 years ago. What else could God do to prove that He loves us? I think that we often think that when we hear the words "God loves us" we often translate that to "God simply tolerates me." But to this I have to ask you: what else does God have to do to prove His love. He created us. He came to be one of us. He destined Himself to die for us so that we could have the chance to be with Him forever in Heaven. He continues to be in our lives through prayer and the Sacraments (especially the Eucharist). What else does He have to do?

This love of God is the peace we desire at the deepest core of our being. May it be a reminder for us that He always reaches out for us, but we need to remember to reach back to Him. We must desire peace if we are to receive His peace.