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Pope Francis Affirms The Role of Women as Mothers and Workers

During the course of this weekend, Rome will hold an international workshop entitled "Women and Work." The workshop is sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Laity. The goal of the two day workshop is to examine the international view of women in the workplace and as mothers.

While Pope Francis cannot attend the workshop, he did send his support via telegram where he expressed hope and optimism for the workshop. He wrote that his hope is that the workshop will reaffirm the, "indispensable role of women in the family and the formation of children,” as well as “the essential contribution of women workers in the building up of economic structures and a politics worthy of humanity."

The Church has always had a history of supporting the working class. With more women entering into the workplace around the world, this is a very timely workshop that proves to bring the international community together. The first encyclical about labor was in-fact written in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII entitled Rerum Novarum (On Capital and Labor). You can read it here. The Church has also come out with subsequent documents on the many anniversaries of Rerum Novarum which keep the essence of the document, but apply them to the modern world.