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TV Review: The Flash

TV Review: The Flash (TV-PG)

Growing up, I think it is just about every child's dream to have superpowers. The idea of saving the world is enough to make just about any kid smile. That was the case for me growing up. I wondered what it would be like to have superpowers. Among those I thought would be the "coolest" was super-speed.

The DC Comics universe is full of very complex heroes. Some of them like Supergirl have superpowers that help them save the day, while others like the Green Arrow use gadgets and strategy to assist their vigilante pursuits. In the case of The Flash, he uses a combination of both gadgets and superpowers to save Central City.

The Flash is a CW network spinoff of Arrow (I'll review Arrow in a future post). Currently on its second Season, The Flash has all of the elements you might want in a superhero TV series; however, unlike its predecessor (Arrow), The Flash is rated TV-PG versus Arrow's TV-14 rating in the United States. Many of the heroes in the DC Comic universe that do not have superpowersare considered "dark characters" wherein the moral line of being a superhero is often blurred. They sometimes have to go to greater extremes in order to save the day. In the case of the Flash, he's more of a good-natured hero who, for the most part, knows which boundaries he should not cross in order to save the day. Even the Flash's team is rather good-natured and less conflicted than that of "team Arrow." So if you're trying to choose which show between the two to watch and you are worried about ratings, The Flash has a friendlier rating on the same CW network.

While it has a more family-friendly rating, The Flash is not devoid of the great special-effects that often come with a less family-friendly rating. In order to augment the story-lines and characters, The Flash does a good job utilizing 21st century technology. There is a very slim line between the special effects of movies and television anymore.

The character of the Flash is very dynamic. He goes through many of the same moral struggles that ordinary people encounter every day. Despite having superpowers, he finds the need to confide in a close group of friends to help him save the day. Much of the story revolves around Barry Allen (the Flash) and how he interacts with the people in his life. While he is physically saving the world around him, much of what he does involves being a hero to his friends as Barry Allen. Yes, he does screw up from time to time. It would not be a very exciting show without the mishaps; however, he approaches most of his problems with the help of his team. They rely on each other.

You'll find many DC Comics villans making an appearance in The Flash and you'll occasionally see Flash and Green Arrow making an appearance in each other's city to help out.

BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this series for those of you that enjoy the superhero universe. There is plenty of action, good character development, and good acting to complement good writing. While this show is on its second season, it does not show any indication of running out of ideas any time soon. Also, it does get very good ratings on the CW network which should keep it from getting cancelled any time soon.