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010116 - Art and the Mother of God

Mary, The Mother of God

When I was in seminary, during Feasts dedicated to the Blessed Mother, they would often play a song called “Virgin of Love.” I asked Ryan, our music director, to play it during Mass. I remember the first time hearing that song it transported me to a whole different world. Everything from the melody to the lyrics just took me somewhere else. I’d say that it is one of those songs that capture just a bit of what the Blessed Mother’s love is like. It was like being wrapped in her mantle the first time I ever heard it

My Brothers and Sisters we celebrate today the most ancient of the Church’s celebration for Mary
“Mary Mother of God”
It was celebrated in the early Church, but became an official doctrine of the Church in 431 during the Council of Ephesus.
The feast doesn’t say so much about Mary as it does about Jesus.
To call Mary the Mother of God affirms our belief that Jesus is indeed Divine
He is indeed the 2nd person of the Trinity

Just as Mary wrapped her arms around the Christ-child so many years ago
And we even imagine her embracing Him as an adult
She does so today as our Mother
Sometimes love such as this is difficult to explain in words
Which is why I truly believe that God has gifted us with art such as music
Because it is that same art that has the ability to transport us to another place
Sometimes into the arms of the Blessed Mother
And she’s always there to listen when we need her.