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January 3 - Most Holy Name of Jesus

The Most Holy Name of Jesus
January 3rd

During the Christmas Season, we always celebrate the Feast Day of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. It celebrates the time in history when Mary and Joseph would have taken Jesus to the Temple for his circumcision and name day. Luckily for the Holy Family, God already preordained through the message of the Angel that the name of the Christ child would be Jesus. 

To call attention to the Most Holy Name of Jesus, most Churches have the "IHS" Christogram, which is an abbreviation of the name of Jesus. Some priestly vestments, including a few of my own, have this insignia. It reminds me, and other priests, that we humbly preside at sacraments in the person of Christ (in persona Christi). Some even interpret this "IHS" to mean Iesus Hominum Salvator ("Jesus, Saviour of men" in Latin). 

This Feast reminds us to not only respect the name of Jesus, but it calls to mind the power of the name of Jesus. In the New Testament, we read about the Apostles and other disciples using the name of Jesus to heal the sick and to drive out demons. Today, we note that many of our prayers are done "in the name of Christ" or "in the name of Jesus." 

We pray that all of our Holy endeavors are done in the name of Jesus as we strive to be like Him and lead others to Him.