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To Be A Hero - 3rd Sunday of Easter (C)

Homily for 3rd Week of Easter

There’s a good chance that if you’ve watched TV or went to the movies sometime within the last few months, you will have seen quite a number of movie trailers
The two that stuck out to me quite a bit, possibly because of the amount that they were played were Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War
There’s a theme that is implied within the titles of these two big-budget superhero movies:
Those who would normally do just about anything to protect the world, turn on each other.
One can sort of assume that there is a difference of world-views that come up.
It is something that we all go through – we debate differing worldviews.
But of course with superhero movies, they do so with lots of explosions and flexing of superpowers and gadgets.
There’s also another theme that’s implied, but much less focused upon –
That is the theme of forgiveness.
In order for them to be the heroes we all admire, they must be willing to forgive each other for wrongdoings
They have to be able to walk down a common road in order to bring healing into their own lives, and in the life of the world.
That’s what’s implied in the “hero” part of superhero

My friends, this theme of forgiveness is put on display in this episode from John’s Gospel.