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Trusting the Words of Christ - 4th Sunday of Easter (C)

Our readings today continue to reflect the wonderful mystery of the resurrection. How wonderful it must have been to be in Antioch to hear the message of resurrection? And for those listening to Paul and Barnabas, as we hear in our first reading, it wasn’t just a story for them, it was something of which they were invited to be part.

They were often shunned by the ancient Jewish people because they didn’t have cultural Jewish lineage. But this new “way” taught by these two disciples of the Risen One, made them equal sharers in eternal life. That was a big deal. This meant that they could worship God in heaven as we hear about in our reading from Revelation But it also meant that the consoling words of Christ we hear in today’s Gospel were not just meant for His fellow Jews, they were meant for all who believe.

Trusting the Words of Christ
Homily for 4th Sunday of Easter (C)