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Teach us to Pray - 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

How can one person help transform the world?

This has been a question that has been asked for many generations. Sometimes you look at the world around you and you feel helpless to do anything. That is, until you read a story or see someone actually do something. We were so fortunate here in Cleveland this past week to be not only on America’s center stage, but the world’s center stage. Everyone was just waiting for the violence, but we had many like-minded individuals who came together and thought and believed that they could truly change the world. Everything from handing out water and food to people; to offering to pray with or give hugs to some of those who might have initially desired something different out of anger.
But you see, there was something else at work in Cleveland over this past week. It was something that we were part of, yet could not see. It might have been the most effective tool that we had in propelling against anger, hatred, and violence.

What is this tool?
Hopefully you do it every day –

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)