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Faith and Beef Jerky - 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

“Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” As young children, we experience these words of St. Paul best through our family and friends. We trust that our parents will be there waiting for us after a sporting event We trust that our siblings will be there when you want to go on an adventure We trust that our grandparents will most likely spoil us with treats -
And if not them, then usually that role is for our aunts and uncles.
And we also trust the secrets of our hearts to our friends. We are limited by what our 5 senses can experience and what the mind can come up with. But there are some things in life we have to leave to trust. We put faith in people. Sometimes that faith is honored when they come through for us. Sometimes that faith is shaken when things don’t go according to plan

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time