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4th Sunday of Easter (B) - The Voices Around Us

There is a phenomenon that seems unique to our time; yet, isn't as unique as we'd like to think. It is something that Pope Francis has spoken about quite frequently, and yet, it was something with which the people during the time of Jesus also dealt. The phenomenon that I speak about is the voice. No, I'm not speaking about the music competition show on TV, but rather the many voices that we as human beings hear each and every day. Pope Francis warns us that society's voices continue to get louder telling us that we need this or that in order to be happy and comfortable; yet. he notes that the people who seem to have a lot are also some of the loneliest and depressed people in the world.

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, we must ask ourselves who is the predominant voice in our lives. Do we listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd, or do we listen to competing voices that seem to get increasingly louder. We must caution ourselves to realize that just because a voice is loud, doesn't mean the voice is right. God's voice is the same as it has always been. We must search out His voice in the midst of the cornucopia of voices in our world today.