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May 1st - St Joseph the Worker

Pope Pius XII instituted the Feast Day of St Joseph the Worker in 1955 as a way to counter the Communist movement. Celebrating this Feast Day calls to mind the dignity of work --- of being able to use our minds and hands to help make the world a better place. We also call to mind the dignity of work as a way to provide for families so that families can thrive from their own labor.


Why St. Joseph? Tradition holds that St. Joseph was a carpenter. Being Jesus's foster father, he would have taught Jesus the tools of his craft. There would have been many hours Jesus and Joseph would have spent in Joseph's workshop building and creating new things to help improve the lives of people around them. 

On this day, we imitate St. Joseph by using our skills to help move the world in a positive direction. Along the way, we too are called to be teachers so as to help others bring forth the dignity of work as well.