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The Light that Burst Into the Darkness - Easter Vigil

My brothers and sisters, every year when we come to the culmination and climax of the Sacred Triduum, I can’t help but to think about … fireworks. You might be thinking, “Fr. Chris, you’re crazy, out of all that you can think of, why are you thinking about fireworks?” I want you to use your imagination with me for a moment and think about fireworks. When we think of fireworks, we can't help but to place them in the midst of the darkness. They gather a large group of people together. Crowds don't gather just to see the fireworks sitting in their shells; rather, we come out to see them for their potential. They come bursting loudly in the night. Fireworks, in a sense, shatter the darkness with their bright lights. But we know that the light of the firework eventually fades. After watching a show, the crowd disperses, but often joyful for at least a short while.

Friends, this night we celebrate the light that never fades. We celebrate the reason we are all here. We celebrate the reason we call ourselves Christians. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. THIS IS EASTER! This is to what all of Scripture leads up. 

On the day Jesus was crucified, darkness overcame the world, but in the midst of the darkness emerged a light. Unlike many lights that eventually fade, this light did not fade. Like a firework, it came bursting into the night. Many came to see and over the years, billions would come to believe. This light that never fades is He who was crucified! He transformed arguably the worst instrument of torture ever known to man into THE symbol of hope. Only God could do this! In response to His love, we crucified Him, but He came back with resurrected love

This is the greatest story of faith that has been handed on for the last 2000 years. This is the story of our faith. This is why we are all here. We gather together as a people of faith to behold this light amid the darkness. We carry this same light into the darkness of the world. We carry with us the words of the Angel on that Easter morning, “He has been raised!” May our words and actions be like fireworks amid the darkness. May we be always willing to proudly profess that we are Christians, believers in the one who was once crucified, but is Risen. The Light of the World!

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